Wednesday 18 April 2012

▊Siutung x Vnikali 香港時裝造型師/博客 ▊

這次時裝插畫單元合作的對象是Vnikali。她除了是個Fashion Blogger外,還同時是一個Stylist! 喜歡看她有型的穿搭,是一種可以真的穿出街的穿搭。今次合作最開心的地方是,我們都是來自香港,可以用畫去結交朋友/同好者,真是一件快樂又神奇的事:3 太喜歡「小彤 X ???」 不同人得出不同效果/作品的感覺了。

This is my collaboration with Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Vnikali. She is also a stylist which puts beautiful clothes and accessories perfectly together. I am impressed with her casual yet gorgeous style! So happy to collaborate with a fashion lover which we locate in the same city <3 yeah~

I love to collaborate with different people. It is amazing to know new friends with my own illustrations. They all come from different countries, and creating different works! Yeah, world is large yet still we are close with each other lol~~~

Let's see some of Vnikali's looks

Red Chiffon (via)

Sheer pleats (via)

The Sakura
至於我們合作的造型是充滿浪漫的東京櫻花啊 ♥
這次嘗試用水溶的木顏色。(雖然效果不大明顯~~~ 可能要求教老師啊~~~)
The look we collaborate is full of romance! Love the sakura in Tokyo ♥


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